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If you have any ideas/feedback/comments/complaints about the tutorials/materials, just put it here. I would very much appreciate your feedback, both good and bad :)
22by Vinh TranVinh Tran
26 Jul 2009 15:43Jump!
22by Vinh TranVinh Tran
12 Aug 2009 11:18Jump!
All material I want to share with you guys (or you want to share with others) will go here. Please note that I will NOT upload the solution up here. I will put up some addition stuff like exercises or some tricks I find may of help to you. If you find some interesting stuff that you think others will find useful also, just put it up here.
Post your questions here, in the right topic! Before posting your questions, go around and see others' posts to see if you have the same questions as theirs. You may have the answer already!
I will put up announcements and stuff that will be useful to assist you in doing your group assignment here. Also, if you have any questions on the Group Assignment, put it here for easy searching later.
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11by Vinh TranVinh Tran
03 Sep 2009 10:42Jump!

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