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Hello, welcome to the world of Business Statistics!

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What is this Wiki site for?

This site is created in order to provide you with a place, a virtual and accessible place, to share your experiences (both good and bad) on what is going on with your study with Business Statistics.

What is in it?

  • It depends on you! The nature of a wiki site that we all come here to share our own knowledge/experiences and that is the whole idea of my creating this one. Otherwise, this would become another scary UTSOnline.
  • Firstly, I will post some useful stuff that I think may help you understand the stuff in lecture notes and in class that we may not have enough time to cover.
  • Secondly, this is the place where you can post any questions that you have on this subject. Your classmates may come over and lend you a hand if they can and wish to. I will also come and provide answers if necessary.

Where can I find the stuff?

In order to put everything in one place for you to keep track of things easily, I put all of the stuff in the forum. Only the announcements that I would like to make will be on the first page. Otherwise, it's in the forum.

  • The first part in the forum is the stuff I would like to share with you guys, which will be put according to our topics covered as tutorials every week.
  • The second part is the Q&A area where you can post your questions to be answered (either by me or your generous classmate!) I will be creating the topic for each week so that you can come into each topic and post the relevant question.
  • The third part is the part that I created to facilitate your communication to do the group assignments.
  • The great thing is that you can bookmark ANY topic in the forum to your social network (for example, facebook). Watch out at the end of each topic and you will see this:


  • Click on your social network and boom, you have the topic right in your social network!

How to join:

Are you a STAT 202 student at Insearch for semester 2 - 2009?

If Yes, you are welcomed to go around and see the stuff here.

Are you in my class? If yes,

Create a wiki account (following the link below)

Receive the email of verification and enter the verification code.

You will be asked for a password to join this site. Use the password I gave you and you're done!

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a Wikidot.com account


it is worth it and is free

So, why not go right to the Forum now?

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